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Jake sprung out of bed,his alarm clock beeping and showing a bright red 8:37 AM.He put on some clothes,and quickly ate a waffle for breakfast.He slept in again,he'd been rather late going to bed last night.Jake isn't too ordinary.He's 15,and his friends all carry swords of some sort.He has black hair,with blonde streaks.After he brushed his teeth thorughly,he ran back to his room.His sword lay against the desk at the leftmost corner of the room,he grabbed it and strapped it to his back.He was out the door on his hoverboard seconds later.He looked down at the people crossing streets and bicycling,transportation of the past.He had an eerie feeling that he was being followed,but he forgot about it.He landed next to an emergency stairway,wher his friend always gathered.Immediatly afterward,a large crash thundered in the alley.He jumped,and unsheathed hsi sword slowly,walking cautiosly toward the noise.In a quick motion he swung his sword at the human being's feet.The girl screamed in etrror,the blade missed her barely.
"God Monica,you scared me half to death!"
Monica is a girl that hangs out with the guys,tough,different she was.Her light brown hair told people she was just another girl,but she was a rock climber,and many other things.She had spunk,and Jake's heart.He had a crush on her,a big one.
"Come on,get up."Jake helped her get to her feet.
"The others will be here soon."
He walked over to the bottom of the stairs,and Monica sighed.
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