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07-15-2017 6:39 PMStruggler is offline Send an Email to Struggler Search for Posts by Struggler Post Reply with Quote Edit/Delete Post       Go to the top of this page

We have a favorite songs of all time topic, but I always wanted to break them down by band...

You can either list favorite bands by order of favoriteness, or just randomly.

Me, I'm listing them randomly.

Depeche Mode - In Your Room. I feel it's the most "epic" of their songs. The instrumental is exceptional and has such a slow, dramatic start, then leads to a kind of dreamy, surreal quality.

Marilyn Manson - Devil Beneath My Feet. I honestly love so much of Manson's stuff, it's impossible to pick an all time favorite. Currently, this one never fails to get me singing along. I empathize with "better to be blamed, for robbin' Peter than guilty for paying Paul" and "don't need a motherfucker lookin' down on me".

Tool - Hooker With A Penis. I am angry and so is Maynard. Smile I again empathize SO MUCH with this song... It reminds me of shit like Maji bitching that I draw too much cute stuff, women expecting me to act more "womanly" and all that kind of crap.

Stone Temple Pilots - Crackerman. Another band I can't really pick a favorite of. But this song brings me back to grade school, when my dad or mom would buy a cd every once in a while and it was such a huge deal. I would listen to them on repeat, and repeat, and repeat. I would write the lyrics in my notebooks, and sing the songs to myself in school. I loved that I knew "secret songs" in a way, as in every song that wasn't a single. I loved Scott's voice, it had a country twang. I also wish I could dance like Scott. Fuck, you all wish you were 1/10th the amazingness that Scott was.

Seven Mary Three - Punch In, Punch Out. 7M3 also has a country feel. This song is only vocals over drums, which gives it a march feel. It's about the drudgery of work, "go to work and go back home" but gives kind of a good feel about it. As I said it sounds like a march, like you're getting invigorated to destroy the enemy (work).

to be continued


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07-16-2017 3:12 AMThe Greatest of All Time is offline Search for Posts by The Greatest of All Time Post Reply with Quote Edit/Delete Post       Go to the top of this page

Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose

Tool - Ticks & Leeches

Megadeth - Holy Wars

Marilyn Manson - The Speed of Pain

Led Zeppelin - No Quarter

The Beatles - Oh! Darling

Van Halen - Ain't Talking 'bout Love

Kiss - Love Gun

Cannibal Corpse - The Time to Kill is Now

to be continued....


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07-20-2017 11:21 PMEdger is offline Send an Email to Edger Search for Posts by Edger Post Reply with Quote Edit/Delete Post       Go to the top of this page

Imagine Dragons - Polaroid

The Lumineers - Big Parade

Zac Brown Band - Knee Deep

The All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell

Avril Lavigne - Here's to Never Growing Up

Brand New - Okay, I Believe You,, But My Tommygun Don't

Of Monsters and Men - King and Lionheart

P!NK - Just Give Me A Reason

Third Eye Blind - I'll Never Let You Go

Train - Hey, Soul Sister

Jerrod Nieman - Lover, Lover

This is just artists that I've listened to enough of their stuff to have a CLEAR favorite (some I like so much it's hard to pick).

Still, not the full list.

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